Are private organizations not following UAE LABOR LAWS?

Today, 14th of April UAE Govt. has announced one day paid Holiday for all Private and Public Sector to mark Al Israa Wal Mairaj.

complains have been received from several parts of UAE from many labour and employees against their Employers. Many Private small organizations have not allowed the holiday to their labours and employees without any overtime or any extra remuneration.

Being an employee and a resident of UAE you should know what Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has given rights to you.

Know Your Rights:

When any paid Holidays are announced by Govt. of UAE, MoHRE this gives you right to avail holiday with salary.

If any employer needs to run his operations he must pay 150% on Basic Salary as overtime for the working on holidays to their labours and employees.

Even though, the complaints by workers of many small companies from some specific areas and industries have been received.

Workers working in Al Ras Food Markets, Construction companies, Contracting companies and other small companies and shops complaining that they have not been allowed to take any leverage on Saturday to take holiday or to work for even half days and this day is being treated as a usual working day and they will not be paid for their work any extra fils.

How to Complain:

On questing MoHRE, we have been notified that any employee who is facing such issues have the right to file complaints. they just need to visit any Tas’heel branch with their Passport and can file complaints against their employer. this matter will be taken seriously by MoHRE.

For any clarification from MoHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) write an email on [email protected] or call their Toll Free Number 800665, 80066473.