Ballistic missile fired by Houthi Militant


Saudi Royal Air Force Destroyed Houthi Missile.

Saudi Royal Air Force have claimed that, they destroyed the ballistic missile shoot by Houthi Militants towards Jazan city of Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

The air defense control recognized the dispatch of a ballistic missile by the Houthi militias towards the Jazan city of Saudi Kingdom.

Authorities of the forces to stand with legitimacy in Yemen issued a statement on Tuesday at 08:12, It came in Redar that, the Houthi militant from the Yemen region has launched of a ballistic missile towards United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ballistic missile shoot by Houthi Militants
ballistic missile shoot by Houthi Militants

Colonel Al Maliki gave statement to Saudi news agency that the Hauthi militants has intentionally launched ballistic missile to target the civilian and well populated area the city of Jazan. Saudi Royal Air defense forces detected and knocked down. Al Maliki added that this activity by Houthi group is clearly the breaching and violation of UN resolution 2216 and 2231 in respect to challenge and threaten the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia securities. Shooting ballistic missiles towards populated urban and rural communities is against the universal humanitarian law

Colonel Al Maliki has asked again from United Nation Community to bring some effective steps to prevent violation of international humanitarian law from terrorist groups.