Dhm 7 million robber Gang Arrested by DUBAI POLICE



Dhm 7 million robbery

Dubai Police have arrested a gang of 9 people in less than 48 hours.

Gang’s Mastermind pretended as BITCOIN seller. Dubai Police has arrested whole Gang consisting of 9 persons located in different Emirates within 48 hours.

The Gang snatched Dhs7 million from two Asian brothers using blunt objects.

Despite the lack of clues, the gang’s mastermind has been identified within four hours after the crime was committed. The police succeeded to restore the stolen money to its owners.

What Happened

Lieutenant Colonel Adel Al Jouker, Director of CID, said the command and control centre on April 25, received a call stating an armed robbery within the jurisdiction of the Al Muraqqabat Police Station.

It was reported that two Asian brothers were assaulted and robbed at knife-point by a number of anonymous persons who stole Dhs7 million and drove away to an unknown point, Al Jouker said.

The security team immediately rushed to the location of the victims, where they knew that the two brothers were seeking to buy “Bitcoin” through non-official brokers.

One broker informed them that there is a person would sell an amount of Bitcoin for Dhs7 million. But it was an ambush, as those brokers were an organised criminal gang, he added.

The gang’s mastermind had planned the crime through deluding the owner of an office located within the jurisdiction of the Al Muraqqabat Police Station by pretending that he wanted to buy his office and the trade licence. He saw an ad placed by the office’s owner seeking for a buyer for his office.

The mastermind informed the office’s owner that he would like to see the office after 8:00 pm to examine it while no employees are there. The man agreed and gave the accused a key.

The latter then went to the office and called the victims to meet him to buy the Bitcoin, where he pretended that the office belonged to him. There were six members of the gang hiding in the office, where three were outside keeping a watch.

The victims attended and while speaking to the mastermind, they were surprised by a number of persons attacking them with blunt objects. The gangsters snatched the money from the victims and then tied them up in the office before running away. They left no clues behind them, Al Jouker added.

Mastermind Identified in 4 hours by Dubai Police

The gang consists of 9 Asian persons who are masterminded by a Gulf national, who has been identified within four hours, however, the information about the crime was very little. He was located in one of the neighbouring emirates, where he was arrested, Al Jouker said.

When questioned the gang’s mastermind confessed to the crime in complicity with the other suspects, who were located in four emirates, according to Al Jouker. The security teams raided the specified locations of the gangsters at the same time to make sure that no one flees. The money was seized in the possession.

His Excellency Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, praised the teamwork of the CID, reiterating the readiness of the Department and its field teams to deal with all events at all times with utmost accuracy and professionalism.

It was so difficult to identify the gangsters, as they had no direct relations. They were operating through the mastermind.

They have been referred to the competent authorities for further legal actions, Al Jouker added.

Resource:The Dubai Police