Time to change your Vehicle’s Number Plate

Be the first to upgrade your look. (RTA)

RTA, Roads & Transport Authority took another initiative to upgrade new look for all Vehicles owned or unowned.

They would like all car owners with owned registered number plates from A to Z to upgrade to the new plate design.

Implementation would hit from May 2018.

All car owners with unowned A, B and C number plates are requested to upgrade to the new plate design.
For information about the other unowned number plates, please refer below table,


The price/ fee depends upon number plate’s design.



Either a black and white Logo is your demand or colour Dubai logo.



Dubai Logo on Number plates were already launched year back after the introduction of double codes necessitated a redesign.

Sultan Al Marzouqi, The Directory of Vehicle licensing agency RTA mentioned

“The RTA has developed a new strategy for number plates resulting in a new generation of number plates with double codes. This has accordingly resulted in the whole design for the number plates to be changed to adopt the single and double codes with the same design language.

The double codes are being introduced as the RTA is running out of single codes, as the number of vehicles continues to rise at an alarming rate in Dubai.